Tupelo Honey Playlist 3/12/13

Artist - Song - Album

The Steeldrivers - When I'm Gone - Hammer Down
Stella - Everybody Get The Blues - Sorry, Stella
Mike Esposito - I Know You Rider - Let It Slide
AJ Downing - American Junkie - Good Day
Son Volt - Brick Walls - Honky Tonk
Sons Of Fathers - Feel The Fall - Burning Days
The Black Oil Brothers - Sodapop's Blooze - The High Road To Ruin
Daniel Romano - Chicken Bill - Come Cry With Me
Daniel Romano - When I Was Abroad - Come Cry With Me
The Lone Sharks - Down Along the Cove - Bob Dylan Uncovered
Roger Knox and Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Streets of Tamworth - Stranger In My Land
Michael Falzarano - Honey I Just Want You - The King James Sessions
Amanda Cevallos - Ready For The Times To Get Better - I'll Never Honkey Tonk You
Tim Easton - Get Some Lonesome - Before The Revolution; The Best Of 1998-2011
Brian Ledford - The Truth & Love - The Truth And Love

Delta Spirit - Trashcan - Ode to Sunshine
Steve Earle & The Dukes (And Duchesses) - Love's Gonna Blow My Way - The Low Highway
Kevin Gordon - Bus to Shreveport - Gloryland
American Aquarium - Rattlesnake - Small Town Hymns
Rebekah Pulley - Spin - Tralala
Dave Dudley - Six Days On the Road -The Best of Dave Dudley
Yvette Landry - Yeah, You Right! - No Man's Land
Wayne Hancock - Cappuccino Boogie - Ride
The Panderers - Come On - Hotshot's Boy EP
Forest Sun - Take That Wander - Just Begun
Leslie And The Badgers - Silly - Roomful of Smoke
Chuckanut Drive - Reno to Vegas - The Crooked Mile Home
Chicago Farmer - Workin' On It - Backenforth, IL
Sara Watkins - Any Old Time - Sara Watkins


Jeffrey Mishler said...

Hey, give Frida and the Coolants a listen. I think you might like them for a song selection on your show.

Jeffrey Mishler said...
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