Tupelo Honey Playlist 2/19/13

I went to see Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers at Cozmic last Wednesday night. Shows in the middle of the week are difficult in Eugene. This town has a real blue collar mentality when it comes to going out any time but the weekend. Anyway, I went to the gig expecting some great music and a pitiful audience. I got the great music, but to my pleasant surprise there wasn't a seat in the house. A Wednesday night in Eugene?

I asked around and found out that Nicki and the boys have become an internet sensation. Not from their own music but from doing covers. While driving to their next gig they've been passing the time by recording covers right in the van while bumping on down the road. Their Youtube posts have gone viral, and although its hard to explain why the videos are so entertaining, they are!

Check this out, directly behind Nicki is her husband Tim and to his right is Nicki's friend since age 6, Deren. I dare you not to smile...

Till Next Week

Artist - Song - Album

Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson - Wreck and Ruin - Wreak and Ruin
Martin Sexton - Long Haul  - Sugarcoating
Jim Byrnes - Ophelia  - My Walking Stick
Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison - But I Do - Cheater's Game
Eilen Jewell - Nowhere In No Time - Sea Of Tears
Scott Macleod - Out Of Line - Right As Rain
Daniel Romano - Chicken Bill - Come Cry With Me
Daniel Romano - When I Was Abroad  - Come Cry With Me
Rachel Harrington - Ode to Billie Joe - City of Refuge
Anders & Kendall - Play It  - Wild Chorus
Those Darlins - The Whole Damn Thing - Those Darlins
William Lee Ellis - Maybellene - Conqueroo
Slaid Cleaves - Green Mountains And Me - Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away
Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers - Little Too Late - Little Too Late Single
The Bottle Rockets - Welfare Music - The Brooklyn Side

Cascade Rye - Baby Let's Go - Cascade Rye
Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore - Needn't Say a Thing - Dear Companion
Dexateens - Grandaddy's Mouth - Singlewide
Mark Erelli & Jeffrey Foucault - Powderfinger - Seven Curses
Tom Russell - Gallo Del Cielo - Poor Man's Dream
Pharis & Jason Romero - Wild Bill Jones - Long Gone Out West Blues
Greezy Wheels - My Planets Are In Retrograde - Gone Greezy
Peter Karp - Wait - He Said She Said
Rick Hornyak - Cigarettes - Marigold
Seth Walker - Lately I've Let Things Slide - Leap Of Faith
Gurf Morlix - Bang Bang Bang - Gurf Morlix Finds the Present Tense
Pokey La Farge And The South City Three - Drinkin' Whiskey Tonight - Middle of Everywhere

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