Tupelo Honey Playlist 12/6/11

I stumbled upon Zoe Muth in 2008, a year before she released her debut disc. I was in love with her music the first time I heard it. In fact, Tupelo Honey was the first radio program outside of her hometown to start airing her music. Since that time I've been turning other DJ's and music fans onto her incredible sound.

When she wrote me and said she was coming back to Eugene and asked if we could do a radio interview, I jumped at the chance. Since I've been following her career from its inception and worshiping her music it's got to make for a great radio interview, right?

Either I'm the worst interviewer in the world (highly possible), or the musicians I love don't make for riveting interviews. Whichever the case, I always seem to strike out.

Oh well, when people make music as good as Zoe I certainly don't care how gregarious they are in person.

Nonetheless it was nice to have her back in town, and exciting to hear she's already penning the songs for album #3.

Till Next Week

Artist - Song - Album

Rebecca Pronsky - Hard Times - Viewfinder
The Damn Quails - Fool's Gold  - Down the Hatch Double Shot
Malcolm Holcombe - Back In '29 - A Far Cry from Here
Leslie Stevens - Shoulder To Cry On - Leslie & The Badgers
Steve Earle - Feel Alright - I Feel Alright
Lynn Drury - Chemical Road - Sugar On the Floor
Great American Taxi - Easy Listening - Paradise Lost
Kieran Kane - Cool Me Down - Dead Rekoning
The David Wax Museum - El Corrido del Borracho - Carpenter Bird
Zoe Muth And The Lost High Rollers - Come Inside - Starlight Hotel
Zoe Muth And The Lost High Rollers - I've Been Gone - Starlight Hotel

Zoe Muth - My Old Friend - Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers
The Little Willies - Remember Me - For The Good Times
Kenny Vaughan - The Things I Do - V
Gas Money - Whiskey Drinkin' Friends - 22 Dollars
Los Lobos - Dream In Blue - Kiko
AJ Downing and the Buick6 - Facebook Song - Way Back Home
Courtney Jaye Feat. Ben Bridwell - Sometimes Always - The Exotic Sounds Of Courtney Jaye
Jerry Jeff Walker - Night Rider's Lament - Ridin' High
Hot Club of Cowtown - Emily - Tall Tales
Lawn Chair Kings - Jalisco - Lawn Chair Kings ll
Ray Wylie Hubbard - Weevils - Eternal and Lowdown
The Rugburns - Pile on the Hangover - Taking the World By Donkey
The Donkeys - Bloodhound - Born With Stripes
Dan Zanes - Wanderin'  - Parades and Panoramas
G. Love - Milk And Sugar - Fixin' To Die
Charlie Robison - She's So Fine - Beautiful Day
Lucy Kaplansky - Texas Blues - The Tide

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