Best Songs of 2010

#1 Paul Curreri - Stephen Crane

#2 Amy Correia - O Lord

#3 Good Old War - That's Some Dream

#4 Martin Sexton - Long Haul

#5 Glossary - Feral Fire

#6 Old 97's - Let The Whiskey Take The Rains

#7 The Tallest Man On Earth - Love is All

#8 Kevin Brown - Medicine Bow

#9 The David Wax Museum - The Persimmon Tree

#10 Samantha Crain - Santa Fe

#11 Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore - Needn't Say a Thing

#12 Chase Fifty Six - Mary Jane

#13 Halden Wofford & The Hi-Beams - Pill Poppin' Country Weirdo

#14 Yvette Landry - Should Have Known

#15 Dylan LeBlanc - Jack

#16 American Aquarium - Rattlesnake

#17 The Easy Leaves - Lines of Stone and Dust

#18 Tether Horse - The Earth and Air

#19 Slimfit - Not Again

#20 Elizabeth Cook - El Camino


S Foley said...

Great list! So much good music out there these days. This Thurs I'll be debuting really strong new albums by Kasey Anderson and The Only Sons (think you'd like this one). Never even received 5 of the albums on your list ... I need to get out more. Looking forward to your favorite albums list.

S Foley

brownknows said...

Thanks for including "Medicine Bow" on your list, and for the recent nice comments about "Upstairs".

Kevin Brown