Tupelo Honey Playlist 11/9/10

Every radio show I try to include at least one song from the past that gives an idea of where this genre came from. Kind of my way of honoring the founding fathers of Americana.

However, its hard not to notice that the heyday of Americana isn't some time in the past, it's right now! There's more bands churning out this music then ever before. And, more of them doing a damn good job of it. Every sub genre of modern Americana has a current artist doing it as good or better then anyone in the past. I put up a picture of American Aquarium, a band doing alt-country rock as good as anything I've ever heard.

Till Next Week

Song - Artist - Album


Hurry Up and Wait - Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion - Bright Examples
Weeping Willow - Trevor Alguire - Now Before Us
Whiskey Drinkin' Friends - Gas Money - 22 Dollars
Sex and Candy - Keller Williams & the Keels - Thief
Show Me - Over The Rhine - Discount Fireworks
Living For Today - Raul Malo - Sinners & Saints
Old Virginia Block - Devon Sproule - Keep Your Silver Shined
On Main Street - Los Lobos - Tin Can Trust
El Corrido del Borracho - The David Wax Museum - Carpenter Bird
Killing Him - Amy LaVere - Anchors and Anvils
Nothing To Lose - American Aquarium - Small Town Hymns
Look At Miss Ohio - Gillian Welch - Soul Journey
One of Those Days - Bap Kennedy - Howl On

Family Tree - Shelby Lynne - Tears, Lies & Alibis
Far from Home - Neil Young - Prairie Wind
Gimme a Ride to Heaven - Terry Allen - Best of Terry Allen
Pumpkin Farmer of Half Moon Bay - Boris McCutcheon - When We Were Big
Your Sweet and Shiny Eyes - Bonnie Raitt - Home Plate
If'n When - Head For The Hills - Head For The Hills
Fixin' To Leave - Or, The Whale - Light Poles and Pines
Swann Song - Chris Pureka - Dryland
Pill Poppin' Country Weirdo - Halden Wofford & The Hi-Beams - Sinners & Saints
Cindy, I'll Marry You Someday - Robert Plant - Band Of Joy
New York City 23rd Of July - Toni Price - Hey
Kiss the Bottle - Lucero - The Attic Tapes
Hallelujah - Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses - Junky Star

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