Tupelo Honey Playlist 7/27/10

I've been looking for an excuse to put this picture on my blog. I just love the photo. It's such a beautiful piece of Americana.

Maybe that'll be my excuse - I'll write about what it means to be Americana. After all, talk with 10 different connoisseurs of the genre and each will have a different definition. Each will argue what music is or isn't "Americana" and each will have a opposite take on what sub-genres should be considered.

But alas, that'll just give me a headache. I think I'll just enjoy the photo.

Till Next Week

Song - Artist - Album

Welcome To L.A. - Truth & Salvage Co. - Truth & Salvage Co.
The San Bernardino Boy - Johnny Hickman - Palmhenge
Tallulah Send a Car for Me - Kerri Powers - Faith In the Shadows
Big Dog - Lyle Lovett - My Baby Don't Tolerate
Wait - Peter Karp - He Said She Said
Rural Route - Chris Knight - Enough Rope
Gonna Try To Make Her Stay - Tim O'Brien - Chicken & Egg
White Van Blues - Brandon Jenkins - Brothers Of The Dirt
Time - Lance Whalen - Civil Twilight
The Harder They Come - Willie Nelson - Lost Highway
There Must Be - Donna the Buffalo - Live from the American Ballroom
That's What God Made Whiskey For - The Small Stars - Tijuana Dreams
Without You - The Beauties - The Beauties

Beer Run - Todd Snider - Near Truths and Hotel Rooms Live
Lonely - The Black Lillies - Whiskey Angel
It's Not You It's Me - The Little Willies - The Little Willies
Kara Dean - The Ike Reilly Assassination - Junkie Faithful
Death's Black Train Is Coming - Gob Iron - Death Songs for the Living
Saturday Night - Two Cow Garage - The Wall Against Our Backs
Give Me Room - The Bottle Rockets - Lean Forward
Too Easy - Catherine MacLellan - Church Bell Blues
no Trash in My Trailer - Mike Dekle - SKETCHES
Soldier Boy - Mason Jennings - In The Ever
Lonesome Tremolo Blues - The Pines - Tremolo
Each Day Of Sorrow - John Mellencamp - No Better Than This
Lately I've Let Things Slide - Seth Walker - Leap Of Faith
Sugar Blue - Jeff Finlin - Somewhere South of Wonder
Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife - Drive-By Truckers - Brighter Than Creation's Dark

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