Tupelo Honey Playlist 2/2/10

I believe that everything that's wrong with pop music and the music industry in general is summed up nicely at The Grammy's.

Let's just start with Beyonce. At 29 she's already won 16 Grammy's. I might believe that if she was some amazing songwriter who crafted tunes that touched millions, but we're talking about an overproduced pretty-voice in a nice package. Is that talent? Itunes shows that her record company has released 22 albums by her in the last 3 years (they just keep repackaging her songs so they can try to sell a few more). Of all those albums/songs she has one solo writing credit - it's on her first album and it's a :16 second interlude. Talent? Of all the people I know, a huge portion listen to music I wouldn't sit through if you paid me, but not one own's a Beyonce album. Is it because they can hear her anytime they want on the radio? Or, is it because over-produced uninspired music rarely stirs people's passions? Talent?

When voting for best album of the year, The Grammy's and I didn't have a single album in common in their "Americana" category. Although they did nominate a CD that I had as one of my favorite albums of 2008 (Lucinda Williams Little Honey. The category "Contemporary Folk" is probably closest to what I play on Tupelo Honey, yet, their nominees seem like a who's-who in the genre instead of who has a great album out.

Can you imagine if The Grammy's had real music lovers running the show? What if the nominees and awards were given to the best artist in that category that year, regardless of popularity or what label they were with? That would be a show worth seeing.

Till Next Week

Song - Artist - Album

We Weather - Doug Paisley - Doug Paisley
Get Right - The Mystix - Down To The Shore
Prairie Dog Town - Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers - Levitate
Long Way from Georgia - Ryan Bingham - Mescalito
Speak Plainly, Diana - Joe Pug - Messenger
Midnight Rider - The Wood Brothers - Up Above My Head
Old Dog Run - Lynne Hanson - Things I Miss
Happy All the Time - El Capitan - Stickeen
Shot Down In Flames - Full Blown Cherry - The Rock-A-Billy Tribute to AC/DC
Ain't Going to the Bar Tonight - American Aquarium - Dances for the Lonely
It Ain't Home Till You Take The Wheels Off - Trailer Park Troubadours - Doublewide & Dangerous
Little Sad Eyes - Magnolia Electric Co. - Josephine
On With You - John Hiatt - Same Old Man
Neon Tombstone - Phil Lee - So Long, It's Been Good to Know You
Bird of Freedom - Tift Merritt - Bramble Rose
Got Me A Woman - Levon Helm - Dirt Farmer
Alibis - Frog Holler - Believe It or Not
Sno Cone Man - Adam Carroll - Lookin' Out the Screen Door
Lonesome, Ornery And Mean - Shannon McNally - Coldwater
My Wicked, Wicked Ways - Blue Mountain - Tales of a Traveler
Box Full Of Letters - Wilco - A.M.
Pack of Seeds - The Lowlands - The Lowlands
If You Leave Me - The Hot Club Of Cowtown - Wishful Thinking
Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash - The Legend [Disc 1]
Fräulein O. - James McMurtry - Live In Europe
Changing - The Moondoggies - Don't Be a Stranger
I'm Gonna Strangle You Shorty - The Flatlanders - Wheels Of Fortune
Freight Train Lady - Robby Hecht - Late Last Night

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