Tupelo Honey Playlist 7/14/09

I was one of the lucky people who grew up listening to alt. country and americana. My home town had arguably the greatest "americana" radio station that ever existed: KFAT.

But for me there was one defining moment: the first time I heard Uncle Tupelo. That legendary band has long since absolved but, as most of you know, its two front men went off to form Son Volt and Wilco. As much as I loved Uncle Tupelo the quantity of great music coming out of those two bands was worth the break up.

This year we were blessed with new releases by both Son Volt and Wilco. While Son Volt's is highly likely to be my choice for album of the year, Wilco's is a horrible disappointment. I played one song from it tonight and I doubt you'll hear me playing much else. Oh well, you can't hit a home run everytime at plate.

Till Next Week - Go out and buy the new one from Son Volt.

Song - Artist - Album

Sunday Suit - Connor Christian - 90 Proof Lullabies
Floppy Shoes - Robert Earl Keen - Farm Fresh Onions
Have You Seen My Chicken? - The Sweetback Sisters - Chicken Ain't Chicken
Hippie Boyfriend - Anna Laube - Pool All The Love*Pool All The Knowledge
You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had - Levon Helm - Electric Dirt
Leadbelly - Assembly of Dust - Some Assembly Required
Don't Take Me Home - Ben Rait - No Regrets
Hush Now - Catherine Feeny - Hurricane Glass
Lost in Durango - Backyard Tire Fire - Sick of Debt
You Never Know - Wilco - Wilco (the album)
Double Cool - Chicken Coupe Deville - Freight Train Boogie
May - El Capitan - What Ails You
Six Days On the Road - Dave Dudley - The Best of Dave Dudley
Bring Me the Head of Jose Cuervo - Sparrows - Rock and Roll Days

Little Caney - Glossary - The Better Angels Of Our Nature
Memphis Radio - Mark Karan - Walk Through The Fire
Fiona - Lyle Lovett - The Road to Ensenada (Bonus Track Version)
If I Fall - Lance Mills - Wore Out Shoes
Dublin Boys - Antje Duvekot - The Near Demise Of The Highwire Dancer
When the Wheels Don't Move - Son Volt - American Central Dust
Two Times - Anders Osborne - Living Room
Trouble Down In Texas - The Stone Coyotes - VIII
Riding with the King - John Hiatt - The Best of John Hiatt

Twilight of Song - Kev Russell's Junker - Buttermilk and Rifles
You Had Me At Get Lost - The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team - National Champions
Picture In My Mind - Joe Fournier - Whiskey Stars
Aimlessly Drifting - Bravo Johnson - The Crooked And The Straight - Vol 1

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