Best Albums of 2008

#1 Star Anna - Crooked Path

I have a hard time believing that this is the debut album from a girl in early 20's living in the rural Northwest. Star Anna's songwriting has a level of maturity and observation that I think of as reserved for a seasoned Nashville/Austin veteran. This CD touches every emotional nerve in my body and does it with such subtlety and craftsmanship that it's an easy choice for me for album of the year. For me this CD has 6 absolutely phenomenal tracks. What's interesting is the tracks I don't like are the ones other DJ's across the country are playing. To me that's just testament to the depth of this album. If you like your twang influenced by a little punk and a lot of rock give Star Anna a twirl, I think you'll be impressed.

#2 Donna The Buffalo - Silverlined

Although I didn't nominate a single song from this CD for "Song of the Year," this disc is an easy pick as runner-up purely because of the volume of great songs on it. Almost every tune on this CD is radio playable and many are just fantastic. Because the two lead singers are so different in styles, you can put this disc in and never hit that point where you say "alright I need something different."

#3 Hayes Carll - Trouble in Mind

I think if you don't love this CD you need your head examined. I can't imagine this CD not making every Americana "Best of 2008" list. It has so many great songs that fall into so many different categories. Topping the list of Americana Humor songs you'd have to put "She Left Me For Jesus," but it also has great heart tuggers like "Beaumont." However, if you don't like twang then this is not the CD for you; I guess that's about the only negative thing I can say about this disc.

#4 The Wood Brothers - Loaded

I'm trying to figure out why this CD was so overlooked. Maybe its just that I'm the only person in Americana that thinks this album worthy of such praise. Where I warned you anti-twangers to avoid Hayes this CD should appeal to everyone. This duo's music is so hard to describe that I won't attempt it. It's beautifully under-produced, so much so that seeing them live will make you think you're sitting in on a studio session.

#5 Old 97's - Blame it on Gravity

Do you like the Old 97's? If you do I promise you'll love this CD. Personally I think this is the best album they've ever done. They've done better individual songs but as a compilation this one, for me, is tops. If you don't know the Old 97's: well, this is what you get when punk and country meet.

#6 Yarn - Empty Pockets

Where did this CD come from? I mean, Yarn has done some good songs but for me they're a journeyman band. Not with this album. There isn't a bad track on the CD. This album is a DJ's dream: anytime your struggling for something to play just put in this disc and press play. Once again, I didn't nominate a single track as "Song of the Year," but in no way should that take away from a CD that is chalked full of phenomenal tunes.

#7 Have Gun, Will Travel - Casting Shadows Tall as Giants

Another overlooked CD. Mixing twang and punk this band from Tampa Bay hit a homer with this debut release. Catchy riffs and interesting song-writing make this CD a joy to spin.

#8 Jim White - Transnormal Skiperoo

A few stand out tunes: "A Town Called Amen" and "Blindly We Go." A few really catchy tunes: "Crash Into the Sun" and "Diamonds to Coal." One great humor tune "Turquoise House" and walla... you've got my #8 pick.

#9 Or, The Whale - Light Poles and Pines

I realize this one is based hugely on personal preference. I love everything about this CD; songwriting, riffs, hooks, composition, harmonies, I mean everything. For me it's also just a perfect mix of styles: americana, punk, country, rock. I fun CD that if you don't like, well you also probably won't like my favorite ice cream flavors.

#10 Slimfit - Make it Worse

If you looked up my definition of Americana you'd find this CD. It has that perfect mix of rough vocals, flat out twang and hard driving rock.

#11 Adam Carroll - Old Town Rock 'N Roll

This disc has some stand out songs; "Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffler" and "Porter Wagner." But its the sleepers that make me love this CD. It is stuffed full of Carroll's unique songwriting. He has the ability to make you cry and laugh with just about every song.

#12 Lucinda Williams - Little Honey

Proving that great songwriters never take it easy, Lucinda has another phenomenal album. You can sense that she had a good time making this one. Lots of tracks with individual styles and an AC/DC cover? You got to love it.

#13 Bruce Robison - The New World

This is an easy CD to like. While Robison is considered a true songwriter with many of his penned tunes turning into mega hits for country superstars, this CD is clean and polished and his singing, for me, is better then any superstar will ever match. While some tunes might be a tad cream puffed there's also some real beauties. Check out "Larosse" if you want to cry for a week.

#14 El Capitan - Stickeen

I describe this band as a cross between folk and punk. They've always been one of my favorites bands, and while earlier discs had individual songs that are better than any on this CD, they didn't have the quantity of great tunes that Stickeen has. If you want to explify what this band and for that matter this CD is about; listen to the track "Feltpicker."

#15 Bourgeois Gypsies - Faulty Fairytales

I wish I didn't know about this band's origins. Knowing that these folks are from a tiny mountain town and met at an open mic night has forever biased my opinion about their music. PS my bias is that they're awesome. The singer has got that boozy lounge sound and the band is spot on, they write catchy tunes and perform them like a group of world-renowned studio musicians.

#16 John Amos - Bending the Light

You can sense that this CD was put together by a seasoned musician who really, really, really loves what he does. This New Mexico troubadour made a CD that I bet he's damn proud of. Not because he thinks that others will like it but because he likes it, and I for one friggin' love it.

#17 Band of Heathens - The Band of Heathens

Put a bunch of Austin's extremely talented journeymen musicians together, let 'em jam at a local club for half a year and presto - you get the Band of Heathens. Easy CD to like; lots of good songwriting and impeccable delivery.

#18 Rebekah Pulley - Back to Boogaloo

Rebekah who? No one has heard of this Floridian but she's made one excellent CD. I like the way she crafts each song, she dabbles with styles and formats. You end up with a CD that's easy to put in and press play because each song sounds so different from the one before. A boatload of catchy songs here that I think anyone would like.

#19 Bravo Johnson - The Crooked and the Straight

I think I might be the only DJ in America who loved this debut CD. I don't understand how anyone couldn't like it. It has some great true Americana tunes like "Aimlessly Drifting" and "JJ Joe," but for me its real appeal is its overwhelming quantity of southern rock songs. If you can imagine mixing Tom Petty and The Allman Brothers you'd get Bravo Johnson.

#20 Nels Andrews - Off Track Betting

Another New Mexico product, this CD is my definition of what a great singer/songwriter album should be. The songs are well crafted, light on the twang, poignant and heart tugging. This is one of those CD's that I love more and more everytime I listen to.


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