Tupelo Honey Playlist 9/23/08

Nice to be back but unfortunately I'll be gone again next week. No complaints though - I'll be at the Austin City Limits music festival. Three days and 130 bands, should be quite a time.

Got a couple of songs of interest this week. Nels Andrews and I crossed paths on-line and he sent me a CD. Wow. It truly amazes me how many talented musicians and songwriters there are in our little world. Its just sad to think how many will never get to reach the audience they deserve. Great CD Nels!

Golden Smog's best of CD reminded me how great that band is/was. So often it seems that when you put that much talent in a room it just turns to mud. Not so with The Smog. A CD worth owning.

Next time I see you I'll be burned from the Austin sun, fat from the Austin BBQ, brain dead from the Mad Dog Margaritas and satiated from the great music.

Till Next Week

Artist - Song - Album
El Capitan - Catalina - Stickeen
Bowery Boy Blue - Ah, What a Cruel Change - Stalk That Myth
Golden Smog - Until You Came Along '97 - Stay Golden: The Best of The Golden Smog
Hazeldine - I'm Lonesome Without You - Straight Outta Boone County
Gina Villalobos - Can't Find My Way Home - Can't Find My Way Home
Grayson Capps - Get Back Up - If You Knew My Mind
Sean Hayes - 3 A.M. - Big Black Hole & The Little Baby Star
Nels Andrews - Shoot Out the Stars - Off Track Betting
Michelle Shocked - Come a Long Way - Arkansas Traveler
Josh Ritter - Kathleen - Hello Starling
Eliza Gilkyson - Think About You - Paradise Hotel
The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Believe You - i
Emilianna Torrini - Sunny Road - Fisherman's Woman
Dave Alvin - Abilene - Blackjack David
Caitlan Cary - Something Less Than Something More - Begonias
Bob Schneider - The World Exploded Into Love - Loneyland
Donna the Buffalo - Broken Record - Silverlined
The Big Cats - Fayetteville Blues - Worrisome Blues
Blue Rodeo - 5 Days In May - Five Days in July
The Charlie Daniels Band - Trudy - Fire on the Mountain
Jane Kelly Williams - Show Me How to Catch a Fish - Tapping the Wheel
Have Gun, Will Travel - When We Were Kings - Casting Shadows Tall as Giants
Peter Bradley Adams - I'll Forget You - Leavetaking
Band of Annuals - Blood on my Shirt - Let me Live

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